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Charm Bombing of Mathwall

Date: April 5 - 11, 2008 were the dates of the actual bombing and subsequent enclosure. The ramifications, however, are still being felt in the current day.
Status: Complete
What happened? A charm bomb, a device previously unknown to the wizarding world, went off, trapping several people within a six-block radius in the mixed wizarding and muggle district of Mathwall. During this period, those inside were struggling to maintain contact with the outside world, even as the Regulators were fighting against internal and external forces, trying to break the charm while fighting with the Unspeakables to maintain jurisdiction over the case.

A Regulator Dies

Date: April 2008 - present
Status: Ongoing
What happened? Dudley Dursley is killed. Initially, the Regulators believe his murder was committed by the Unspeakables because of interference at Mathwall. As they continue to investigate this mystery and learn that Dursley had discovered the truth about his cousin, Regulators soon come to realize a horrible fact. The murderer was one of their own - Quentin Trimble.

The Death of Harry Potter

Date: May 2008 - July 2008
Status: Complete
What happened? Harry's corpse was discovered in Crychan Forest with Severus Snape leaning over the body. It has since been theorized that Harry did not die recently but during the war and that his body was assumed by a foreign creature. Various departments of the Ministry are simultaneously attempting coverup and investigation.

Lightning over Altnaharra

Date: June 2008
Status: Complete
What happened? Graham Pritchard and Rabbit Tuor go out to Altnaharra, Scotland after reports that two Unspeakables from the Space division have gone missing. While out there, they begin to discover that the lightning has taken unusual form.


New Moon Rising

Date: June 2008 - present
Status: Ongoing
What happened? Having discovered that Fred Holden is secretly a wereleopard and her housemate Finn McGill is a werewolf in hiding, Dexter Cadwallader sells the information to the Department of Mysteries. In an effort to help keep Pritchard on the good side of the higher ups, members of the Space division capture Fred and hold her for experimentation within the department. She's broken out but it isn't really over until two Unspeakables turn up brutally murdered.


Date: 11 July, 2008 - 19 July, 2008
Status: Completed
What happened? Having finally released the Eddas, the books are brought to Graham Pritchard to finally sate their desire to take him into their pages, but they aren't just after him. When he and Seren Fawcett touch the books together the Eddas finally get what they want. When they do, however, a very old magic in the books is triggered and their usual antics are replaced by a portal that pulls them through to the real life Asgard the myth was based upon.

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